SUPPORT EDIUS Software v9.405106 Full Installer

EDIUS Software v9.405106 Full Installer
更新日期: 2019-07-03
檔案大小:743 MB



    1. 將 下載到電腦中。
  1. 2. 解壓縮後點擊 EDIUS_Setup-9.40.5106.exe 安裝更新EDIUS 9。
  2. 3. 安裝完成後,重新啟動電腦。



EDIUS的版本已經更新至 v9.405106 Full Installer

Windows 7 (64-bit) / Windows 8 (64-bit) / Windows 8.1 (64-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit)

此版本的EDIUS是根據美國電腦緊急應變小組(US-CERT)關於Apple QuickTime for Windows的漏洞: 它允許安裝或更新EDIUS,而無需安裝QuickTime for Windows。







版本 v9.405106 的新功能






‧ Not working jog operation in VTR emulation (only Workgroup and optional license required)

  • ‧ EDIUS timeline playback status randomly changes to 'Stop'
  • ‧ Placed audio is played slowly in the timeline
  • ‧ "Reset audio level" button on the Player is missing in EDIUS Pro
  • ‧ ProRes422 8K export consuming too much memory
  • ‧ Fail to create Multicam sequence if you choose a clip that has mono track audio
  • ‧ Unable to resize background job window in German Windows
  • ‧ EDIUS crashes while modifying parameter for video layouter
  • ‧ If you modify lift value in Primary Color Correction, another values unexpectedly changed
  • ‧ EDIUS prints different closed caption from what operator sees while editing
  • ‧ EDIUS fails to transfer multiple clips from P2 Source Browser
  • ‧ Image in QuickTitler clip is lost after rename or move project
  • ‧ EDIUS unexpectedly changes voice over recording level after restarting EDIUS application
  • ‧ EDIUS does not display clip marker from P2 Source Browser
  • ‧ Marker position unexpectedly replaces to another clip marker's position








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