SUPPORT EDIUS Software v8.51b2125 Full Installer

EDIUS Software v8.51b2125 Full Installer
更新日期: 2017-06-14
檔案大小: 572 MB



    1. 將EDIUS_8.51_2125_DL_Setup.exe下載到電腦中。
  1. 2. 解壓縮後點擊EDIUS_8.51_2125_DL_Setup.exe安裝更新EDIUS 8。
  2. 3. 安裝完成後,重新啟動電腦。



EDIUS的版本已經更新至 v8.51b2125 Full Installer

Windows 7 (64-bit) / Windows 8 (64-bit) / Windows 8.1 (64-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit)

此版本的EDIUS是根據美國電腦緊急應變小組(US-CERT)關於Apple QuickTime for Windows的漏洞: 它允許安裝或更新EDIUS,而無需安裝QuickTime for Windows。



  • ‧Still Image File Formats: BMP (export only); JPEG; JPEG2000; TIFF; PSD; PNG; SGI; GIF; GIF89a; JFIF; Mac PICT; sgiRGB
  • ‧MOV Video File Formats: MOV (other than MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, HDV & 3ivx D4 4.5.1)
  • ‧Audio: MOV (other than Linear PCM and AAC)







  • 版本8.51.2125的新功能


‧Support partial transfer of Canon RAW clip

  • ‧Support audio loudness normalize for file export(only Workgroup)
  • ‧Support to import FCP XML with preserving audio volume, panning and audio track volume
  • ‧New rendering engine for Quick Titler to display machine-dependent character correctly
  • ‧Support to set any loudness profile (only Workgroup)
  • ‧Support to display aspect ratio for anamorphic clip in clip properties




*所有新功能均適用於EDIUS內置的Mync Standard版本。

  • ‧Support hardware decode for H.265 (HEVC) clip
  • ‧Mync allows to select encode quality option when exporting Storyboard to MP4 clip
  • ‧Support to export all audio tracks when exporting Storyboard to FCP XML
  • ‧Support to place audio clip into Storyboard for background music
  • ‧Support to delete selected import history








‧Text size of title clip created by QuickTitler is vary depending on DPI settings

  • ‧Machine-dependent character is incorrectly displayed in QuickTitler
  • ‧"Search Bin" does not find a clip that has certain file name
  • ‧Encode parameters for XAVC Intra clip has been optimized to improve encode speed
  • ‧PinP picture screen is not drawn correctly on 7th generation Core processor's (Kaby Lake) Quick Sync Video environment
  • ‧Loaded BWF audio clip has shifted In and Out timecode
  • ‧Misrecognition of field order when importing D10 clip that is generated by K2 or FCP
  • ‧Replacing from proxy to hi-res does not work while P2 or XDCAM proxy editing
  • ‧Unexpected color tone appears when converting to Sony -709(800) in Primary Color Correction
  • ‧EDIUS rejects loading an MXF file whose Essence Container Universal label of audio is unknown
  • ‧EDIUS freezes when playing over DCI 4K side H.264 clip
  • ‧Enable only focus clip does not work



*所有新功能均適用於EDIUS內置的Mync Standard版本。

‧Clip cannot be selected in thumbnail view mode

  • ‧Mync does not display JPEG clip if unsupported RAW clip is loaded
  • ‧Duration is unexpectedly changed if still sequence frame rate is changed in Storyboard
  • ‧Mync application window appears behind EDIUS when choosing [Show in Mync] in EDIUS
  • ‧Clips are placed in wrong order after undo of removing clip in Storyboard
  • ‧Mync displays incorrect location when clicking Open Google Maps icon in the metadata pane
  • ‧Hidden clip can be copied to a folder








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